Press: WWF “Stop Overfishing” Campaign

August 10, 2001

Seeing is believing

The difficult thing about this campaign was the sheer size of it. Not the campaign itself, Moonfish were already the largest independent agency outside of London with a number of impressive campaigns under their belt, but the oceans. People wrongly assumed that vast oceans we’re literally teaming with an endless supply of fish. So how do we help get WWF’s message across that many species were being fished to extinction?

The idea came to us as we travelled to meet the client in Geneva – give people the world’s first living website.

A site that rewarded people who supported the campaign by showing them an improving and healthy ocean each time they supported the campaign – sign a petition, email a friend, download a poster etc. However, those who turned their back on the campaign saw their ocean slowly die – losing colour, losing fish. A stark but simple way of showing people the reality of what was happening in the real oceans.

This was WWF’s one chance in 10 years to influence the Common Fisheries Policy and thanks to their efforts they got the results and halted the decline of some species due to overfishing.

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