Design: Making content look good

May 23, 2016


Be simple: Complex pages are hard to read

keep it simple so the content shines


Be consistent

If every page looks radically different the site is a mess and visitors won't like it.


Choose and prepare photos carefully

Photos are the first thing people look at, so use bright, simple images with faces.


Choose the right design

If your design clashes or distracts from the content, it won't help your organisation.


Less is more

Use less content and simple, consistent text formatting.

You make instant decisions based on appearance.

When you choose a painting for your home, you make an instant decision whether you like it or not.

Only later will you consider the brush-strokes, the composition, or where it might fit in your house.

Visitors to your site will also make an instant decision based on appearance. If they take an instant dislike to how your site looks, it is much harder for you to persuade them to support your organisation. They may not even read any of the content.

Try to achieve high standards by following our simple principles.

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