MAG BBC4 Appeal

Client : Mines Advisory Group (MAG)

Date : 24th September 2017

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“For more than a decade I’ve reported on conflict but what I saw in Iraq will stay with me forever. It has moved me to make this appeal to you.

There are landmines everywhere. In the remains of houses. In fields. Even in schools. Each one is sensitive enough to be triggered by a child’s footstep but powerful enough to rip apart a car. ISIS have left a deadly legacy.” Colin Freeman, Foreign Affairs Journalist

Please will you help save a life?

Please donate to MAG today.

As the guns fall silent around Mosul, people with no other means to survive, are already returning to their homes as surrounding villages are freed from ISIS control. Returning home, and right into mortal danger.

We are in a race against time to get to these brutal, indiscriminate killers before more lives are needlessly lost.

UK Aid Match: Give now and your donation will be doubled by the UK Government

A gift of £40 becomes £80 with UK Aid Match. Doubling your impact so your gift could fund a fully trained deminer for two days to clear vital land and help families to get back their futures free from fear.

Donations will be used to support MAG’s work in countries affected by conflict, helping more families to walk without fear. Matched funds will directly support MAG’s work in Angola, which is still contaminated with an estimated 20 million landmines.

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