Client : AESA

Date : 12/10/16

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We love what you and your team have done for our website. Great, creative and responsive team. Thank you from a happy client.
Deborah-Fay Ndlovu,  AAS Communication Manager

The Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AESA) is a funding and agenda setting platform seeking to address Africa’s health and developmental challenges by promoting the development of Africa’s research leadership, scientific excellence and innovation.

AESA is focused on supporting people, places, and programmes, which translates to supporting the best minds in Africa, working in conducive research environments, to implement programmes that produce quality and relevant data, and innovations that have the potential to impact health and developmental challenges on the continent and globally. The platform also regularly evaluates and measures the impact of the investments it and its partners are making in Africa. AESA also functions as a policy and advocacy think tank, setting, aligning and ensuring an Africa-led, Africa-centred, and Africa-relevant science agenda for the continent.

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